Ceremonies & Reception

There will be two wedding ceremonies (an American ceremony and, not too long after, a Hindu ceremony) followed by a reception. We know it’s a bit untraditional, and that can feel like a lot of ceremony. So, you should feel absolutely free to attend one or the other or both ceremonies. We will be thrilled to see you at either or both, or just at the celebration Saturday night! (And we promise we’re not just saying this—we really mean it! Attend whatever parts of the day sound fun—or that you have the energy for! We are thrilled to see you for any/all of the celebration.) Indian or American wedding attire is welcome at both, and there is no need to change between ceremonies (but if you want to, live it up)!

Jay & Jess

About the American Ceremony

Time: 2:30 p.m.
Place: Also at the Olde Silk Mill
Details: This ceremony will include our awesome, fun, attractive bridal party, a few readings from people close to us, music that makes us happy, and, of course, our vows. Additionally, we are really, really happy to have one of our best friends (and the person who introduced us) officiating—Brian Fitzpatrick. This ceremony will be followed by cocktails (and a quick change of clothes for Jess and Jay).

Jess, Jay and Brian


About the Hindu Ceremony

Time: 3:45 p.m.
Place: The Olde Silk Mill in Fredericksburg, Virginia
Details: Followed by cocktail hour #2!

MehAbout the Reception

Place: Still at the Olde Silk Mill
Details: There will be drinks, dinner, dancing, and general merriment. We are looking forward to some amazing Indian food, both meat-based and with plentiful vegan and vegetarian options.

Jess & JayWedding Day Timeline

2:30 pm — American ceremony
3:00 pm — Cocktail hour #1
3:45 pm — Hindu ceremony
5:15 pm — Cocktail hour #2 (that’s right, two cocktail hours!)
6:30 pm — Dinner and dancing!
11:00 pm — Goodnight!

Sunday: Morning-after brunch at the park on the river, just behind the Olde Silk Mill. More details to come!